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Guitar Paramedic
The ORIGINAL DOOR-to-DOOR MOBILE guitar repair service. 

Guitar Paramedic provides EXPERT guitar repair servicing all of LA county.
Call (818) 741-7233
or email for a free consultation and to schedule a service appointment.

Why take your guitar to a music store or repair shop only to wait weeks for a repair?  90% of all guitar problems can be knocked out in under an hour in the comfort of your home or office.  Guitar Paramedic can be anywhere in the LA area within hours for instant repair or pick up your instrument and return it with a world class setup. 

Dan Bombassei is a guitar tech with over 30 years experience specializing in fret levels and polishing.  Most guitars only need a partial level on the first few frets to eliminate the dents under the G string.  I have many satisfied customers who purchased guitars with my fret work on Ebay (see gallery page).  Even a cheapo $99 Strat can be massively improved with a proper fret dressing and dead on intonation provided by a Peterson Strobe Tuner. 


Imagine chords ringing true past the 12’th fret along with effortless silky bending anywhere on the neck.

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